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“Klute,” 1971: From her bangs to her bag, it was nothing but fringe for Jane Fonda in this murder mystery.

“Lady Sings the Blues,” 1972:
Billie Holiday was pure glamour in her slinky stagewear dripping in shine.

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“Foxy Brown,” 1974:
Pam Grier mixed action and sex appeal to the blaxploitation film, showing off “a whole lot of woman” in a white bikini.

“The Great Gatsby,” 1974:
Ralph Lauren took on the Twenties, designing the film’s sharp menswear — including Gatsby’s famous shirts.

“The Stepford Wives,” 1975:
The satire depicted suburbia as a plasticized portrait of fussy dresses, picture hats and a full face of perfect makeup.

“Taxi Driver,” 1976: Adolescent prostitute Jodie Foster hops in Robert De Niro’s cab wearing HotPants, platforms and a floppy hat — a look that would inspire Marc Jacobs’ spring 2011 collection.

“All the President’s Men,” 1976: The political thriller inspired a generation of intrepid journalists, who adopted the rolled-up shirt sleeve as a badge of honor.

“Saturday Night Fever,” 1977:
For the disco classic, costume designer Patrizia von Brandenstein exaggerated the Seventies look with John Travolta’s perfectly cheesy white suit.

“Annie Hall,” 1977:
Diane Keaton’s men’s wear-inspired wardrobe helped usher in an era of androgynous style.


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