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Actress Kate Bosworth takes on many roles as an art lover, fashion connoisseur and tech entrepreneur. As she readies to launch the fashion app Style Thief, she talks with WWD about cool apps, looks she’d like to steal and oversharing on social media.

WWD: Which actresses have stylish looks that you would like to snap and steal?

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Kate Bosworth: Cate Blanchett, I think, has incredible style. Just as an overall being, she’s wonderfully impressive — as an actress, as a mom, as a wife, as someone very fashionable in the world and strong and savvy. Julianne Moore, I like, too. I just worked with her [in “Still Alice”] and she’s an extraordinary woman. I like Alexa Chung’s style. Anyone who feels like they have a solid grasp on who they are and are confident in who they are and have an element of experimentation, that’s something I’m intrigued with.

WWD: What are your favorite apps?

K.B.: Uber, CameraBag, Tunepics, Instagram, Afterlight, 8mm. A lot of my phone apps have to do with either service apps like Uber or a way to look at the world.

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WWD: Why did you just recently make your Instagram account public?

K.B.: I’m ultimately quite a private person. I signed up to Twitter first and got my head around on how to be present in that world and yet not be such an oversharer. There’s so much of who I am that shares my world in photos. I wanted to create a space that lived in the world of art and fashion and cinema.

WWD: Do you have any style tips in case someone wants to steal your look?

K.B.: I learned early on that if I feel slightly uncomfortable in something walking out the door, it’s going to bother me all day or all night. And I’m never going to feel 100 percent confident. Even if there’s a room full of people telling me that something looks great, and I feel slightly uncomfortable, I’ll change. Ultimately it has to come down to how you feel and what you’re wearing.

WWD: Are there any fashion trends you’re liking now?

K.B.: A low heel is my friend, for sure. Certainly, that type of Sixties look in shoes, I’m really liking. Pastels are really nice for summer. That kind of idea of a washed out, pretty, powdery pastel.

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