Kate Edwards, Vanessa Kerry, Kristin Gore, Alex Kerry and Karenna Gore Schiff.

<B>DEM DAUGHTERS:</B> Kate Edwards, 22, daughter of Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards, said she has postponed plans to work for Vanity Fair magazine until after the November election.<BR><BR>“I was going to start in...

DEM DAUGHTERS: Kate Edwards, 22, daughter of Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards, said she has postponed plans to work for Vanity Fair magazine until after the November election.

“I was going to start in August,” she explained over brunch Wednesday at the trendy Harvard Square restaurant Upstairs, where she joined the Gore and Kerry daughters in creating a younger, hipper convention buzz. “But I’ve put it off to go on the campaign trail.”

She and her mother tackled the question of what to wear to the convention, where Elizabeth Edwards spoke Wednesday night, and made a fashion trip to New York last week.

“My mother really likes the designer Deborah Johnson,” said Edwards, wearing a hunter green blazer from Theory at Saks Fifth Avenue. “So when she came up to New York to be fitted for an outfit for her convention address tonight, I decided to come along. Right now I’m living in New York and I haven’t started working. But after the election, I plan to start doing research for Vanity Fair’s contributing writer page.”

Meanwhile, filmmaker and actress Alexandra Kerry, who had a film at Cannes, has been talking to Karenna Gore Schiff about making a movie.

“We were talking about her idea to make a documentary about the political process,” said Gore.

Alexandra, 30, spent some of the brunch trying out tricks with a yo-yo. “I haven’t used a yo-yo in 15 years,” said the statuesque brunette, who couldn’t resist raving about her two favorite designers when asked what she’ll wear when she addresses the convention Thursday night.

“Two sweet boys — Proenza and Schouler — made me something,” she said. “They’re friends of mine.” (Actually, she was referring to Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, who co-design the Proenza Schouler collection.)

But what really gets the Kerry sisters going is the idea of writing their own speeches.

“I was in the prep room lying on the floor recently working on it and I felt like I must be back in the eighth grade,” said Alexandra. Vanessa, 27, agreed: “Yesterday around 5:30 I had to get out of there and take a short rest just to clear my head. My heart was beating out of my chest. So I started walking down the street practicing my speech out loud with all these cars going by.”

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PRESIDENTIAL QUOTIENT: How did sharp-dressed San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom feel when he learned GQ had dubbed him “the next Bill Clinton”?

“I saw it on the cover and I thought, ‘Who the heck is this?’” said Newsom, guest of honor at a Tuesday evening bash GQ threw at The Federalist restaurant at XV Beacon hotel. “Then I flipped it open and saw a bad picture of me. But I’ll take the compliment, humbly.”

Newsom, whose defiant support of gay marriage earned him friends and foes, praised similarly outspoken Teresa Heinz Kerry, who tackled her firebrand reputation in her convention address hours earlier.

“I like people who are real and she’s the real deal,” Newsom said. “There are too many people in this [political] world who seem manufactured.”

Author and The New Yorker contributor Z.Z. Packer channeled her frustration with the Bush administration by taking a month off from writing her new novel to work for the Kerry campaign. “It feels great,” she said. “My mother’s nearly Socialist, so you know I had to get involved.”

Vanessa and Alexandra Kerry put in late-night stops at GQ, as did Gore sisters Karenna and Kristin, comedian Janeane Garofalo, John Cusack, Arianna Huffington and Ted Kennedy Jr. Although there were no cameras allowed inside the packed gathering, the ordnance appeared to extend only to professional lenses. Every pretty young girl worth her camera phone or Canon Elph lined up to get a shot with Ben Affleck, while his mom, Chris, looked on from a nearby booth.

COCKTAILS, CONDOMS AND CELEBRITIES: That’s just what the invite read at a Planned Parenthood fete Tuesday night at Via Matta restaurant. Guests weren’t disappointed, heading home with a lollipop-shaped condom tucked in their pink goodie bags. As for the celebrities — including Richard Schiff of “The West Wing,” Wendie Malick of “Just Shoot Me” and actress Alfre Woodard — they arrived en masse and gathered in a private corner for a quick bite of buffalo mozzarella and flatbread pizza before addressing the crowd. Woodard, shouting over the raucous, youthful audience about the importance of choice and contraceptive access for everyone, spontaneously added a commentary on Teresa Heinz Kerry.

“Our first lady — I’m going to declare her first lady already — is showing us an opinionated woman can be seen as a smart woman,” Woodard roared into the microphone.