NEW YORK — Sure, they can do runway. But can they really go the distance against the Nikes and Reeboks? Some of fashion’s brightest stars filled their spring ’94 collections with athlete chic and department and specialty stores are big fans of the look. Here, a preview of what designers say they booked best, set to hit stores next month.


Sleeveless Supplex and Lycra spandex top — 1,016 units at $13.50.

O.M.O. Gym Supplex and Lycra gym leggings — 1,572 units at $20.

Supplex and Lycra jog bike shorts — 1,422 units at $18.

Supplex and Lycra slip bodysuit — 1,056 units at $31.


Rayon knit tennis sweater — 101 units at $180.

All-star hooded wool sweatshirt jacket with triple stripe — 36 units at $370.

Navy wool sweatpants with white satin stripe — 42 units at $160.

Black matte jersey sweatpants with white satin strip — 28 units at $210.


Navy nylon and spandex long skirt with white stripes — 1,500 units at $48.

Hooded zip-front crop top in cotton and spandex — 1,500 units at $35.

Cotton spandex leggings with logo trim, 2,000 units at $45.


Cotton and Lycra sport pants in black or navy with white stripes — 250 units (U.S.) at $78.

Long cotton and Lycra tank dress — 250 units (U.S.) at $104.

Ribbed viscose long tank dress with Future Ozbek motif — 500 (U.S.) at $105.

Ribbed viscose tank top — 600 (U.S.) at $60.

Hooded georgette parka — 600 (U.S.) at $265.


Brown leather saddle jacket — $625.

Brown leather V-neck vest with knit back — $225.

Cotton and Lycra spandex tennis unitard with logo — $110.

Tennis shorts in stretch cotton — $67.

White cotton and Lycra spandex leggings with blue side stripe — $62.50.

(The firm declined to comment on number of units booked.)


Short-sleeved, V-neck crop T-shirt in nylon and Lycra spandex — 260 units at $61.

Short A-line skirt in nylon and Lycra — 325 units at $62.

Scooped A-line dress in nylon and Lycra — 225 units at $81.