Whether they’re competitive triathletes or die-hard fans of the pros, these women have a passion for sport – and for gear thatr gives them axactly the right mix of performance, good looks and comfort.

  • Name: Monique Dash
  • Age: 32
  • Sports Passion: Teaching aerobics
  • What She Wears and Why: “Because I teach a dance-based type of aerobics called funk, I like the layered look – boxer shorts, bike shorts and a crop top – because it gives me a street feeling. It’s not the standard leotards and tight.”

    Name: Jodi Adams

  • Age: 27
  • Sports Passion: Rock Climbing
  • What She Wears and Why: “Climbing requires a lot of flexibility and movement. You have to wear comfortable clothes, but they have to be snug, too. You have to be able to see your feet. The one thing I don’t like to wear is nylon – especially those shiny tights. I prefer cotton with Lycra.”
  • Name: Barbara Schlaks
  • Age: 39
  • Sports Passion: Working as a personal trainer at Physical Focus
  • What She Wears and Why: “I like crop tops, short-shorts or leggings in Lycra. Anything form-fitting and bare, bacause it’s important for me to see the different muscles working as I work on them.”
  • Name: Ashley Merritt
  • Age: 20
  • Sports Passion: Watching the pros
  • What She Wears and Why: “I like to wear sport clothes everywhere – Lycra leggings and tops, tennis shoes, a baseball cap. I love horseback riding, swimming and boxing. And because I model, I’m running around a lot, going from go-sees to the gym and back to more go-sees. This uniform is great because potantial clients can see that I’m in shape.”