Vittorio Missoni

The search for the Missoni chief will continue, "without neglecting any possibility," said Missoni’s brother Luca on Tuesday morning.

MILAN — The search for Vittorio Missoni and five others flying on the twin-engine plane that vanished on Jan. 4 will continue, “without neglecting any possibility,” said Missoni’s brother Luca on Tuesday morning.

Luca Missoni underscored that “the only certain element regarding the disappearance of the BN-2 YV2615 [aircraft] and the individuals on board are the coordinates in which the plane disappeared from the radar.”

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On Sunday, Luca Missoni returned from Caracas, Venezuela, where he had been following the search operations initiated by the Coastal Guard and the Venezuelan Civil Protection, both at sea and on the coast. Missoni and his family has delegated “a trusted friend” to supervise the investigations, which will continue in the upcoming weeks. Luca Missoni plans to return to Caracas in February to personally follow the operations of a ship equipped for deep sea submarine research, which will begin immediately. The same ship will be used to search for another plane carrying several Italians that disappeared on the Los Roques-Caracas route five years ago, coincidentally also on Jan. 4. No trace was ever found of that plane and the ship is expected to initiate another search for that plane toward the end of January before searching for Vittorio Missoni.

On Jan. 13 on the Island of Gran Roques, the Venezuelan government pledged to continue “every kind of search” to find the plane carrying Vittorio Missoni and the five other individuals. Luca Missoni noted that in meetings held with the Venezuelan Investigative Police and the magistrate in charge of the case, officials have not ruled out any possible alternatives to the actual sinking of the plane. “For this reason, I can confirm that in Caracas not only is the search at sea and on the coast not over, but that investigations continue without neglecting any possibility,” he said.

Once again thanking the Venezuelan and Italian governments for its “commitment and determination,” Missoni concluded by “embracing everyone that is close to us at this moment and that with us hope for the return of Vittorio, Maurizia [Castiglioni], Guido [Foresti] and Elda [Scalvenzi]. Our thoughts also go to the pilots and their families to whom we are close.”

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