“We are inspired by myths and legends, the labyrinth, black roses, and goddesses of flawless beauty.” — Palmer Jones

“Fleeting moments of preciousness … the idea of what is unexpected, unplanned, yet completely relevant.”— Phillip Lim, 3.1 Phillip Lim

“Sensible daywear that fulfills the needs of today’s women, as well as cocktail and eveningwear that dreams are made of … ” — Alfred Fiandaca

“The idea of rebellious luxury. I imagined a young Italian Renaissance princess appearing in our world and how the influences of the time and especially the music, rock music, would shape her.” — Alexandre Herchcovitch

“For this upcoming collection, I drew inspiration from the Belle Epoque, but was also influenced by more exotic sources, notably Japanese and futuristic silhouettes. The overall feel is very much [Carlo] Bugatti-esque.” — Laura Poretzky, Abaeté

“During a recent visit to Hong Kong, I found a box of glamour shots of local Chinese girls from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties in a junk shop. Their exotic, decadent beauty inspired the modern, irreverent glamour of my fall collection.” — Sue Stemp

“Edie Sedgwick meets the Eighties edge.” — Stacey Bendet, alice+olivia

“Rembrandt-inspired color tones and volume for a woman with a twisted sensibility in a dark mood.” — Alice Roi

“Merging elements of Pierre Cardin, Gérard Pipart and furniture of the late Sixties and early Seventies. She is a Hollywood Mary Tyler Moore. ” — Alvin Valley

“Mozart meets Young Turks! Ottomania continues! The new collection is one part Topkapi Palace, one part Mozart!” — Atil Kutoglu

“The centerpiece of my collection is my shimmering bodysuit. It adds the right touch of modern femininity to each of my creations.” — Reem Acra

“I was inspired by Cecil Beaton’s portraits of socialites taken in the late Forties and Fifties.” — Barbara Tfank

“Fall is a modern take on Victorian aesthetic mixed with downtown street attitude.” — Samantha, Chloé and Caillianne Beckerman, Beckerman

“The inspiration for fall is tradition (or, rather, traditional elements in fashion).” — Behnaz Sarafpour

“I am inspired by the Brothers Grimm’s ‘Hansel & Gretel.’ The collection shows the sweetness of eternal innocence juxtaposed with the realization of lost youth. ” — Charlotte Ronson

“Moody and pretty. Think film-noir heroine.” — Jeff Mahshie, Chaiken

“FOOD FIGHT!” — Jeremy Scott

“The collection is inspired by the time in American history when the jazz and blues movement ushered in a new sophistication born from the artistic passions of inner-city life. Muted colors emit a seductive smoky glow reminiscent of the ageless jazz-noir glamour.” — Brian Reyes

“The point at which future meets past, design meets function and the collision results in clean, sophisticated lines interpreted in ultraluxurious fabrics.” — Savania Davies-Keiller and Roberto Crivello, DDCLab

“Harmonious juxtaposition of modernity and a poetic romanticism; demure, discreet, with the sumptuous textures of the Thirties.”— Douglas Hannant

“The dusty color tones and delicate textures of the 17th century, as well as the beautiful movement, vulnerability, and tenderness captured in Edgar Degas ballerina paintings.”— Esteban Cortazar

“Exuberant and sexy — imagine Ossie Clark doing an Art Deco revival.” — Andreas Melbostad, Phi

“Sally White’s wedding in Vegas…endless desert, dark nights lit up like firecrackers with colorful and fascinating billboards…as if I were to magnify those lights; I wanted to capture that in this collection.” — Hanuk

“To convey a glorified world of urban beauty and elegance, and separate it from the underworld of sinister and menacing visual components. Using moonlight as the mutual source, the two worlds come together on the runway.” — Jerry Tam, Eric Werner, Jamie Rosenthal and Kelly Andrews, Form

“The lullaby of Broadway/ Electric Avenues/ Jewel thieves prowl the town/ A powwow of gang posses/ Synchopated hysteria mixed with magical melodies/ Ladies and gentleman….Gothamism.” — Richie Rich and Traver Rains, Heatherette

“I was inspired by the dress my mom wore to her engagement party 35 years ago and the photographs of Willy Maywald. Like Maywald’s photos and my mom’s dress, I wanted to create pieces that were timeless, elegant, and sensuous, yet classic.” — Holly Dunlap, Hollywould

“The John Lennon quote, ‘Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.’ ” — Mary Ping

“Our collection is about an inherent elegance. An ode to romanticism and femininity. We looked to women who represented strength and intellectualism. Anne Sexton’s natural elegance and strong sense of womanhood is always an inspiration.” — Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra, Costello Tagliapietra

“I pay respect to the masters of sexy: [Thierry] Mugler, [Claude] Montana and [Azzedine] Alaïa.” — Jay Godfrey

“I was inspired by the lifestyle of the grande dame.” — Monique Lhuillier

“Sparkling and subversive.” — Custo Dalmain, Custo Barcelona

“The collection was inspired by the Spanish conquistadors of the 15th century. We were fascinated by the men’s wear and armor of the period, and the subsequent edge and beauty of the look.” — Kai Milla

“The delicate beauty of the Fabergé egg. I am dreaming of being at the most fabulous party with creative creatures. It includes Poiret, Vionnet, Josephine Baker and many beautiful exotic young things laughing and dancing the night away. My friend, the photographer Lillian Bassman, is documenting this absolutely magical moment.” — Joanna Mastroianni

“I was inspired by a combination of the avant-garde aristocrats, artists and writers in London during the early 20th century, and the interiors, color and style of their country lives.” — James Coviello

“The main inspiration came from the women of the ‘demimonde’ around the turn of the century. These women were the courtesans of their time, influencing art and society.” — Jeffrey Chow

“I’m completely inspired by Julie Christie’s style [in ‘Darling’] — a combo of simple classics with an effortless youth, it’s all boy meets girl, romantic, while unfussy.” — Charles Nolan

“[The tones were] inspired by an old photo album of my grandparents in their 30s — with the warm patina of slight photo decay. The forms juxtapose more mod and linear tailoring. I’ve drawn heavily from the work of Oscar Niemeyer between 1930 and the Sixties.” — Lela Rose

“The collection bares sensuality in a neutral palette of couture fabrics embracing luxury and ease for a modern lifestyle.” — Luca Orlandi, Luca Luca

“For this collection, everything is new bon ton — Western and Native American cultures meet rock ‘n’ roll. Rich Crow Nation colors and subtle earth tones are highlighted with opulent rhinestones and intricate detailing. Inspired by my ‘Star-Spangled Couture,’ the debut signature collection captures the essence of true American heritage.” — Manuel Cuevas, Manuel

“It’s an afternoon tea party with Lisa Fonssagrives and Lauren Hutton. Structured volume and power romance.” — Jada Marie Simons, MarieMarie

“This season was inspired by the famous wintry journey over the Italian Alps by Hannibal, his Carthaginian army and scores of elephants during the Second Punic war.” — Nicole Romano

“Moody winter films with a cosmopolitan feel. Rich people, their betrayals and intrigues. Ingenues in long wool coats and tight nylon leggings. Guys with names like Fritz who rule the local mountain, entertaining in the chalet with celebrities, movie stars, millionaires and heirs.” — Jeff Halmos, John Whitledge, Sam Shipley and Josia Lamberto-Egan, Trovata

“I was primarily inspired by the work of Mark Rothko. His use of color and noncolor becomes so powerful when it effortlessly blends one into the next.” — Michon Schur

“I was inspired by my time living in Paris, when I was in my early 20s. The spirit is jeune, jolie et un peu coquine!” — Michelle Smith, Milly

“This season, ‘Surviving the Zodiac’ [the serial killer who inspired Patrik Rzepski’s collection four season’s ago] has a hard-edged somber feel to it. There are nuances of Japanese street gangs. Slightly romanticizing the feel and at the same time giving it a pre-Giuliani street edge.” — Patrik Rzepski

“Fall is a mix of a youthful Jacqueline Bouvier’s tomboy chic style and the folkloric mystery of Verushka in the Sixties and Seventies — understated style and distinct sophistication.” — Tory Burch

“The inspiration is based around the dressing rooms of the Hollywood studios in the Forties — sultry and proud, playing with contrasting studio lights and the effects of shadows. Mixing old glamour with funky and versatile silhouettes.” — Alice Temperley, Temperley London

“This season is about the comfort you derive from clothes that you are wrapped and bundled up in. It’s about the cozy and warm feeling they bring you.” — Richard Chai

“I looked at the work of artist John Singer Sargent, in

particular ‘Madame X,’ as an inspiration of iconic beauty ahead of its time.” — Pamella Roland

“Inside out, bound, darted — shaped, draped creating a new form for autumn-winter 2006.” — Kit Willow Michelmore, Willow

“Protection.” — Tess Giberson, Tse

“The opulence of 18th-century France.” — Naeem Khan

“We were inspired by the beauty and heroism of the Grecian and Victorian eras.” — Heidi Middleton and Sarah-Jane Clarke, Sass & Bide

“A white rose…a perfect white rose in white snow.…Fragile and romantic, yet strong from its stem and thorns…” — Hanii Y and Gene Kei, Y & Kei

“All of my collections to date have been inspired by the number of the collection. This season is number eight. With eight symbolizing infinity, the beginning and end of a cycle, I was inspired to look at ideas from past seasons and combine them with new inspirations like alpacas, Turkish wrestling, [the movies] ‘The Dark Crystal’ and ‘Les Invisibles,’ which I think is a caricature of Les Encroyables.”— Zaldy

“Glamour of the Eighties with opulent ornamentation, embroideries, jacquards and transparent fabrics combined with tweeds.” — Gabriele Strehle, Strenesse

“Modern romantic asymmetric slim silhouettes, with sophisticated lace and pleats details translating into the new Victoriana.” — Victor de Souza

“The book ‘The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque’ by the philosopher Gilles Deleuze. ‘Fold, refold and unfold.’ ” — Carlos Miele

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