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NEW YORK — “Did you see Sushi at David Yurman?”

When someone poses the question at a trade show, don’t go running to the Yurman booth expecting to lunch on raw fish, ginger and wasabi. The Sushi in question refers to the Yurmans’ four-year-old Maltese, a fluffy and furry white dog who has become as much a part of the company’s signature as twisted cable cuffs and black-and-white ad images of Kate Moss and Amber Valletta frolicking on a beach in St. Barth’s.

David and Sybil Yurman bid on Sushi at a charity auction in January 2001, and since then he has become the company darling and something of a second child to the Yurmans, who pamper and spoil him at every given opportunity.

And Sushi has become a mascot and ambassador to the business. The Maltese sits in on design meetings each Tuesday, though he has been known to fall asleep or make his boredom known by rolling on the floor. David, Sybil and Sushi are said to be inseparable, and the furry friend acts as their shadow of sorts, always trailing behind them at the company’s TriBeCa headquarters.

So what is it really like to be the Yurmans’ dog? While Sushi declined all interview requests, he spends his days going for blustery walks at Chelsea Piers and challenging bigger dogs by barking at them. In his free time, Sushi likes to play with Casper, son Evan Yurman’s Maltese puppy and a Sushi Mini-Me.

At home, Sushi can pick from four beds scattered throughout the Yurmans’ apartment, but when David is away on business Sushi gets extra-special treatment and can jump into bed with Sybil.

Hanging out in East Hampton, N.Y., where the Yurmans own a home and like to spend many weekends throughout the year, is a treat, as are the many business trips — especially since he travels on the duo’s private plane. And when he travels to ad campaign shoots in St Barth’s, he not surprisingly likes to hang around the models, who always fuss over him.

It’s not just supermodels who like to pamper Sushi, though. Much to David’s chagrin, several Yurman employees can’t resist Sushi sitting at their feet while they’re having their lunch at their desks, so they often treat him with bits and pieces from their plates. They should know better. Being a Yurman, Sushi’s culinary tastes are highly developed. He travels to some of Manhattan’s best restaurants in a canvas David Yurman tote, and loves to nibble on steak or roast chicken when he isn’t munching on bacon and cheeseburgers.

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His fashion sense is just as upscale. David and Sybil dress their dog in the latest in canine fashions. During the winter, the Yurmans put him in a shearling-lined distressed leather bomber jacket, while for fall, Sushi prefers a black-and-white houndstooth jacket. Surprisingly, he rarely wears jewelry, except for the brown leather Hermès collar with a lock or, for special occasions, a collar with a cable (naturally) dog tag.

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