NEW YORK — Not known to be caught without an opinion or a quip, designers, celebrities and others shared their thoughts liberally in the pages of WWD in this extraordinary year. Here’s a sampling of what they said.

“I’m feeling really good. It worked out, and I’m really excited. The license continues, and we’ve resolved the issues.”
Calvin Klein, after settling with the Warnaco Group, Jan. 23

“Given the success of the elimination of the sales tax on clothing under $110, why don’t we be more competitive and eliminate it completely? The other one was very hard to do, and looking back on it, I don’t know how we did it. There was reluctance both from Democrats and Republicans. It’s going to be a hard sell, but if we slash the whole thing, we think we will create $1.4 billion more in spending and 20,000 more jobs.”
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, speaking to retailers at a NYC & Co. breakfast, Jan. 24

“Everyone wants to look sexy; they don’t like to look a frump. That doesn’t sell.”
John Galliano, Jan. 26

“I never went into stores and said, ‘My husband’s in Guns N’ Roses, can I put my pants in here?”‘
Daniella Clarke, designer of Frankie B. jeans and wife of guitarist Gilby Clarke, Jan. 31

“This investment is playing out exactly according to our three-year plan.”
Stephen L. Ruzow, then the Pegasus Apparel Group chief executive, Feb. 16

I mostly wear Levi’s. Is that considered a designer?”
Reba McEntire, Feb. 16

“I am against violence. That’s how I was raised. I read what Charlton Heston and Rosie O’Donnell have said about it, and I’m a little confused. I don’t know where the answer is. I don’t even have a point.”
Pierrot, Feb. 20

“Today, we are in what I call ‘les annees poubelles’ [the trash-can years]. Nowadays, the world is poubelle, fashion is poubelle; Dior, the last Gaultier collection, it’s all poubelle — but I don’t mean that in a pejorative way.”
Paco Rabanne, explaining that he’s not calling the collections trash, but rather that they are drawing inspiration from the “dustbin” of fashion history, Feb. 21

“Since I’m going as Cinderella to my wedding in a Vera Wang dress, I wanted to pull out all the stops. Now I feel like the black Kim Basinger.”
Toni Braxton at the Grammys in a Richard Tyler dress with a slit up to her torso, Feb. 23

“There’s no thermostat on glamour, but God forbid I see another pashmina.”
Lara Flynn Boyle on wearing a paper-thin dress on a chilly night to the SAG Awards, March 13

“The best thing to do when anything is going wrong is to turn to creativity.”
Denise Rich, March 30

“You can see this movie speaks a universal language, one that everyone can understand — and that’s the universal language of boobs.”
David Spade at the “Tomcats” premiere, April 2

“Donna Karan Paris sounds good!”
Donna Karan, after LVMH completed its $643 million deal to buy her design and licensing company, April 3

“Everybody says she’s so weird, but she’s actually very nice. She sent us flowers in Florence.”
Eva Cavalli on Courtney Love, April 13

“Jackie’s spirit still permeates the apartment — even though we’ve redone it.”
David Koch at the Costume Institute Gala, April 25

“When I was growing up, I would buy a cheap, wack pair of pants and chop off the legs and make a miniskirt. I also ripped a Smurf patch off a pair of jeans, that was another episode.”
Jennifer Lopez, after announcing her J.Lo clothing line deal with Sweetface Fashions, April 27

“I never aspired to be a fashion designer. It sounds snotty, but fashion approached us.” Richie Rich, one half of the Heatherette design duo, May 14

“This blew up out of the blue. Amy Spindler called, and she had this idea. Bam, bam, bam. I love the idea of going back.”
Carrie Donovan on being rehired by the New York Times Magazine to write her own column, May 18

“I’m a cobbler, not a hardened criminal,”
Steve Madden, May 24. He later plead guilty to fraud.

“When the Nineties supermodels were finished, it became much more difficult to get excited about the next batch because they’re kids, like 16, 17 years old. It’s much less interesting to photograph a 16-year-old than it is a 32-year-old.”
Peter Lindbergh, May 29

“I design high-price ready-to-wear. My customers were ‘the Ladies Who Lunch.’ My customer would go to a store, and go to have lunch, and today she is on the list of endangered species.”
Oscar de la Renta, at the WWD/DNR CEO Apparel Summit, June 13

“We pay for almost no advertising. We don’t believe it’s the right way to reach a consumer in this day and age. It’s about the emotional bond and having that connection, and you cannot force-feed that via TV or a print campaign.”
Donald B. Henshall, president of Krispy Kreme’s international unit, at the WWD/DNR Apparel Conference, June 13

“Now fashion is completely mechanic — it turns so much. We have no time to rest or to profit from what we are doing now. I don’t know how long it can stay like that. Tous va vite.”
Sonia Rykiel, June 13

“You put designers in front of a camera, and they think they’re models.”
Craig Natiello, June 15

“I brought Laura Bush down to see the kids at Imitation of Christ. She thought they were a Catholic mime troupe. We went everywhere from Lotus to Sway. We did blow…”
Sandra Bernhard, in her opening remarks at the CFDA Awards, June 18

“Calvin Klein’s hit the head on the zeitgeist more times than Madonna. Other men may have given us the tuxedo, but you gave us your briefs.”
Ingrid Sischy presenting Calvin Klein with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the CFDA Awards, June 18

“Young men are oblivious to the fact that I’ve done other films prior to ‘Fight Club.’ That’s refreshing, in a way, but I would be perturbed if people started recognizing me primarily as the ape from ‘Planet of the Apes.”‘
Helena Bonham Carter, July 24

“Starbucks, the Gap — their philosophy is outdated. People want customization, not just in clothing, but in music. Homemade music, deejay compilations — that’s where the trend is now.”
Renzo Rosso, president of Diesel, July 30

“I’m very fortunate to live in a family of thin, tall women who happen to look very good in clothes.”
Bruce Paltrow, Oct. 29

“I think we are both renowned for getting people involved, whether it is Stephen [Gan] getting Madonna to cut up her evening dress to be in Visionaire or me sending Gwyneth Paltrow alone to a desert island, and Brooke Shields to build an igloo in the Arctic. I think we’re going to create a magazine that everyone wants to participate in.”
Glenda Bailey, editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar, Aug. 10

“Did American designers ever say they would make the most unusual clothes? I never claimed to be Elsa Schiaparelli. Never. I don’t know that most American designers would.”
Michael Kors, Aug. 29

“People here are more oriented to business and selling, and maybe we sacrifice more creativity.”
Miguel Adrover, Aug. 29

“This is a great location; it has a lot of history for the brand. Plus, I have no feeling for SoHo right now. You go down there on weekends and it’s like the Mall of America. That’s not where our customer is. In fact, we’re closing the YSL men’s store down there.”
Tom Ford, on why he prefers Madison Avenue over SoHo, Sept. 5

“Runway shows seem to be a walk-in catalog experience, especially since so many designers see themselves as artists.”
Matt Damhave of Imitation of Christ, Sept. 10

“We are really in total shock.”
Oscar de la Renta, Sept. 11

“We’re looking for signs and symbols right now. It dawned on me that the spring collections are exactly that: a sign of tomorrow.”
Donna Karan, Sept. 24

“Our instinct was with all that has happened, yes, life goes on, but certain things perhaps should be reconsidered. I made the final decision this weekend. To be here [in New York] at this time is, I think, to make just a little contribution to the economy of New York.”
Helmut Lang, after canceling his show in Paris, Sept. 25

“Our first rule is: No celebrities. I’m honestly not interested in celebrities, I’m sick of them, they do nothing. Talented people are the real celebrities, and they’re the ones we showcase.”
Marcelo Junemann, founder and publisher of Big, Oct. 12

“I just felt it was a good match. The clothes are just really clean and fit with who I am.” Lauren Bush, the President’s 17-year-old niece, on location for the new Tommy Jeans ad campaign, Oct. 26

“She [Carrie Donovan] appealed to teenagers and older adults. When we first started doing these TV commercials and we decided to put Carrie into it and have fun, it was something that just snowballed. Her impact was instantaneous.”
Dennis Leggett, vice president and creative director of Old Navy, for Donovan’s obituary, Nov. 13

“‘Holy moley’ is all I can say!”
Heidi Klum, trying on a sapphire and diamond bra for the Victoria’s Secret TV special, Nov. 15

“I’m leaving the company to pursue other interests…I couldn’t accept the contract that was offered to me by the company. It was too restrictive. As it stands now, I do not have to worry about non-compete or whether I want to offer anyone a job.”
Linda Wachner, upon her departure as ceo from The Warnaco Group, Nov. 16

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