“I’m in a Giorgio Armani that I wore at my 60th birthday party — six years ago.”
— Jane Fonda

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“Before I even got cast in ‘Thirteen,’ my aunt told me she had a vision of my getting nominated for a movie with a number in it and wearing a green dress. So I only looked at green dresses.”
— Evan Rachel Wood

“I advise having mints on you always. Even if you have to put them in your bra.”
— Diane Lane

“I feel really good except for the fact that my buttons popped open on stage and I felt like an idiot. I was only thinking about my breasts. I don’t know how some of those girls do it. Sarah Jessica Parker — that girl is like, Wow!”
— Diane Keaton

“I get to keep my ‘Sex and the City’ costumes. I’m not a particularly savvy business type but I do have that in my contract.”— Sarah Jessica Parker

“I’m only 21 and I’ve been here three times. It’s still so much fun.”
— Elisha Cuthbert

“We had a great time walking on the red carpet and having Nicole Kidman behind us. It was unbelievable.”
— Jessica Simpson

“I’d like to do a TV show one day. Maybe a drama, since that’s what my life has been.”
— The Duchess of York