ethosens tokyo fashion week fall 2017 inspiration

Inspirations for Tokyo Fashion Week’s fall collections ranged from deep thoughts to the simple, striking color of pomegranates.


“My inspiration was the Japanese television drama ‘Miseinen’ [meaning “underage”], which was broadcast in 1995.

miseinen tv series

Two of the memorable lines from that drama are, ‘Stop comparing me to other people’ and ‘there is no device for measuring the worth of human beings.’ I hate the idea of measuring how cool or uncool something is, but in any case I was conscious of creating things that are uncool, unattractive or out of date.” — Masayuki Ino, designer


Murral tokyo fashion week fall 2017

“This season’s theme is ‘nostalgia.’ It’s Murral’s own idea of nostalgia, which has elements of both warmth and loneliness.” — Yusuke Muramatsu and Ayumi Sekiguchi, designers

Chika Kisada

“I was inspired by old portrait photos. Things that are forgotten as we grow older. The nostalgic feeling of clothes I wore when I was seven years old.

Chika Kisada tokyo fashion week fall 2017

The softness, pinks and blues of children’s clothing. A longing for an adult world that we haven’t yet experienced. The conflict and opposition between what we feel now that we’re living in that world. Things that are reflected faintly in photos taken even now. The simple wildness and innocent delicateness of children running in the street, and the elegance of adults.” — Chika Kisada, designer


ethosens tokyo fashion week fall 2017 inspiration

“By using disjointed layers and shapes that were born from an imprint left behind by a time lag, as well as tailoring that follows a formal tradition, I have expressed a cognitive dissonance that comes from the passage of time.” — Yui Hashimoto, designer


“My next collection is inspired by the kind of primitive feeling that comes from indigenous things and physical things.” — Akiko Aoki, designer


5 knot inspiration fall 2017

“We were inspired by the juicy aroma and impressive red color of pomegranates.” — Ena Kizawa and Taketo Nishino, designers

Motohiro Tanji

Motohiro Tanji inspiration fall 2017

“This season I made a collection that took inspiration from natural objects reflected in the water’s surface, such as the double images of Mt. Fuji.” — Motohiro Tanji, designer


“This season is part of a series called ‘Japanese Eye,’ in which we pick up aspects of a nearly forgotten Japanese sense of beauty and present them from a modern standpoint. This time we chose ‘iki,’ or ‘freshness’ as our theme.

matohu designers inspirations tokyo fashion week fall 2017

The aesthetic sense of ‘iki’ was born of the townspeople in the Edo period. Its base comes from the spirit of people who lived in a society in which luxury was limited and who hid their individual sense of style within themselves.” — Hiroyuki Horihata and Makiko Sekiguchi, designers

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