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Yukihero Pro-Wrestling

“The theme for this season’s collection is cats, and the theme for the show is ‘cats in heels.’ You don’t understand what that means? That’s always the case! Cats and Monchhichi are the theme.”

– Yukihiro Teshima



“This season’s theme is ‘line of intersection,’ or intersecting lines. It’s about how multiple components cross, and by doing so, things change and new things come into existence.”

– Yui Hashimoto



“Our theme is ‘utsukushi.’ In ancient Japanese, the word ‘utsukushi’ didn’t mean ‘beautiful’ [as it does now], but it meant something more like ‘charming’ or ‘adorable.’ We have incorporated a theme that focuses on the warm sweetness that is unique to Japan.”

– Hiroyuki Horihata and Makiko Sekiguchi


Johan Ku Gold Label

“I watched Derek Jarman’s punk movie ‘Jubilee’ after the Brexit vote and I decided to develop a collection based on that. I also teamed up with a British photographer, Andrew Penketh, and an accessory brand, Project Ornament, for my 10th collection show at Tokyo Fashion Week.”

– Johan Ku



“The theme for this season is community. Using ‘mores,’ ‘manners’ and ‘morals’ as keywords, we created a collection that fuses the symbols of these keywords — uniforms and suits — with humor and street influences.”

– Emiko Sato and Takeshi Kitazawa



“We started designing spring after being inspired by ‘Stick Out,’ the sixth album by The Blue Hearts, released in 1993. The cynical contents of the song lyrics and the cold rebellious spirit fit with our present mood.”

– Sanae Yoshida and Tatsuya Kimura


Leonard Wong

“The way that I have been working over the years is by starting from an experimental line in the fall season and continuing to create various types of work with the same concept in the spring. For example, for fall 2016, I created a film called ‘Alchemy,’ which will be presented on the spring runway under the theme ‘Black Box.’ Through this style, the audience can feel and experience my creations in a real way. In terms of my interpretation of the word ‘Alchemy,’ I think of it as ‘truth is visible only to those who can see it.’ I’ve only invited those who can see the truth to the show.”

– Leonard Wong

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