With all the nasty weather Atlanta experienced last month, it’s a miracle Richard Tyler made it to his stint as guest designer for the Ballet Ball sponsored by Neiman Marcus. But it was worth it, especially for the 500 people who turned out to fill the Hotel Nikko ballroom and to meet the down-to-earth designer. “He’s the humblest designer I’ve ever met,” said party guest Kevin Knaus.

Many Neiman Marcus and Anne Klein VIPs turned up for the party. Fashion director Joan Kaner, executive vice president Janet Gurwitch, and senior vice president and general merchandise manager Anne Stordahl represented the store, while president Ann Ball and vice president for public relations Nancy Lueck were on hand for Anne Klein.

The evening was designed around a dance-themed art exhibition and a show of Tyler’s spring collection, his first for Anne Klein. All in all, the sales of tickets, as well as the sculptured centerpieces and paintings on display, raised $120,000 for the Atlanta Ballet. And while guests took home their memories, Neiman Marcus special edition ties and handpainted collector’s plates, Tyler got something more substantial — a painting of Isadora Duncan he purchased at the very end of the night.

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