Vital Statistics

Los Angeles County population: 10.3 million (2007)

Los Angeles City population: 4 million (2007)

Los Angeles County population demographics: 47.3 percent Hispanic; 29.2 percent non-Hispanic white; 13.1 percent Asian; 9.6 percent black, and the rest Pacific Islander, Native American, biracial and other.

Los Angeles County civilian labor force: 4.65 million (January 2008)

Number of Los Angeles County retail workers: 707,000 (2008 estimate)

Number of Los Angeles County fashion industry employees: 84,600 (December 2007)

Los Angeles County median household income: $42,189 (2005)

Beverly Hills median household income: $87,787 (2005)

Los Angeles County median home price: $496,000 (January 2008)

Beverly Hills median home price: $2.2 million (2007)

Los Angeles County’s largest public companies by revenues: Amgen Inc., Walt Disney Co., Occidental Petroleum Corp. (2006)

Los Angeles County’s largest nonprofits by annual expenditures: World Vision International, Aerospace Corp., Rand Corp. (2007)

Los Angeles driver’s average time spent delayed by traffic annually: 72 hours (2007)

Number of Los Angeles-area plastic surgeons:
384 (2007)