NEW YORK — Web-based personalities who got their start during the Internet’s boom era have generally fallen on hard times — has anyone heard from the sock puppet lately?

But there’s at least one cybergirl who has defied the odds. “Vivian Livingston,” a celebrity avatar who inhabits streetwise lifestyle and women’s site, will be telling her story in a forthcoming autobiography entitled “The Autobiography of Vivian.”

Sherrie Krantz, founder and chief executive of Forever After Inc., parent company of, has just inked a deal for Viv’s autobiography with Ballantine Books, a division of Random House, whose parent company is Bertelsman AG. “It was a very nice six-figure deal,” Krantz confided exclusively to WWD about the advance for a trilogy of Vivian books, the first of which is due to be published this June as a trade paperback original. The subsequent two books will spin off sections from the VivianLives Web site relating to health, beauty, and style advice.

Conceptualized as a virtual Bridget Jones’s Diary, Krantz described the autobiography as “the journey of a girl in the process of figuring out who she is, filled with self-deprecating wit and poignant revelations.”

“I fell in love with Vivian’s independence, sassy style, and practicality,” said Alison Dickens, the Ballantine editor who acquired the book. “Sherrie has a wonderful ability to write about the events and adventures we all have in our lives, but with such style and wit that it is so much more fun than reality. I knew she’d reach women with Vivian’s story. She has already reached millions through the Web site.”