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WWD Collections issue 04/13/2015

WWD: How does it feel to know that you’ve walked the most shows this season?
Waleska Gorczevski:
It’s amazing looking back on it all, as I honestly didn’t realize that I walked so many shows. I don’t feel so tired right now, but I’m sure it’ll catch up to me soon.

What were some standout moments?
I really loved just being immersed in the middle of all the show craziness. I love the big productions of shows like Chanel, the grandeur of it all, and the big emotions from all the people working to put it all into place. I’m just really grateful to be a part of it all.

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What were some of the most stressful moments?
I think every model can attest to this one: The fittings at night. At the end of the day, you really long for your bed after a full day of shows and fittings in between. It’s really what we dream about all day.

What are your tricks for staying focused?
I try to step away from being a model and take an outsider’s perspective and think, “What would I be doing if I weren’t modeling and following my dreams?” I’m so grateful to have this opportunity and think that is what keeps me focused.

Do you have any funny memories from the shows?
The Chanel show in particular was such a fun experience. My date at the brasserie was one of my good friends, so we were drinking tea and talking and just had so much fun acting. I thought it was really funny.

What was your favorite hair-and-makeup look?
I tend to adore simple and classically beautiful looks for hair and makeup, but you can’t ignore the amazing art creations of Pat McGrath and Luigi Murenu at a show like Givenchy.

What do you carry with you at all times during fashion week?
Vitamins, bandages, a fruit/cereal bar, a book to read and my iPod.

What do you do backstage to pass the time?
I don’t usually have too much time to relax backstage as you really go straight into hair and makeup, but if there is any downtime, I will catch up with other model friends, listen to music, read a book or grab a bite to eat.

What did you do after the shows every night?
After a warm shower, I touch base with my family and attempt a good night’s rest.

Any good celebrity sightings?
I saw Lorde at a show backstage. I think that was one of my favorite celebrity sightings this season, as I love her music.

What would be your advice to a model walking the runway for the first time?
Relax. Don’t forget to breathe, be calm and just imagine it’s you alone and the music.…And strut your stuff.

What lessons have you learned about fashion week since you first started walking in the shows?
I’ve learned to handle the emotional ups and downs of the shows. You really can’t take things personally in this business as a model. You just do the best you can at your job, and enjoy it.