NEW YORK — Robert Walsh, who last week was named commissioner of the Department of Business Services, will also serve as the administration’s primary liaison with the fashion industry, a spokeswoman for Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday.

The contact point between City Hall and Seventh Avenue has fluctuated over the years. In the mid-Nineties, a deputy commissioner at that department, Deborah Weeks, served as the primary liaison.

After she left the administration, Nicole Miller chief executive officer Bud Konheim, who had been a key fund-raiser for former mayor Rudolph Giuliani, served as an unofficial go-between.

Konheim said he’s relieved not to be the go-to guy for those who want to bend the mayor’s ear.

“Whatever I could do, I was happy to do it and I’m glad of whatever successes we had. But frankly, I’m relieved,” he said. “It’s work to have to go down and lobby for an industry that’s not always behind you.”

Barbara Randall, executive director of the Fashion Center Business Improvement District, said she was pleased by Walsh’s background as head of the 14 Street-Union Square BID.

As reported, the day after Bloomberg was inaugurated, Randall wrote to the new mayor asking permission to raise the fees the organization charges landlords in its district, as part of an effort by the FCBID to offer its security and sanitation services seven days a week instead of five.

While Randall said she had heard no official response to her request, she took the appointment of a former BID official to City Hall as a good sign. During the last three year’s of Giuliani’s term, he had rejected all proposals by the privately financed BIDs to increase their budgets.