NEW YORK — In an industry known for its colorful and flamboyant characters, Stanley Warner stands out.

The president of CelebSales, whose stories are as big as his appetite, is a good match for Roseanne Arnold, whose line of clothing he is developing for RSTV.

“We were looking for a large-size celebrity because all our customers in the industry told us the growth is in large sizes. Everybody seems to make giant plus-sizes for little fat people and they’re wasting a lot of material,” Warner said, laughing. “She has more of a classic look,” Warner said of Roseanne. “She likes neat things, glamorous things in the evening, like opera coats. She doesn’t like garish things. I’m very impressed with her taste level.”

Warner predicts CelebSales will do $20 million this year.

In addition to the Arnold apparel, CelebSales is developing a show for RSTV that will sell jewelry and accessories in the $29.99-to-$59.99 range, based on the designs of Hattie Carnegie, the legendary milliner. He bought the rights to the name from Carnegie’s estate.