Despite declining market share overall, department stores continue to grab the lion’s share of traffic for most apparel needs. In WWD’s first exclusive survey on American shopping patterns, 66 percent of consumers said they choose the channel regularly- but other formats, especially discounters, are closing in fast. Below are the articles that appeared in “Where America Shops,” a special section that appeared in the paper on Monday, June 20, 2005.

How the Survey Was Done …
Still Roaring
No Time to Shop?
What Drives Consumers In?
Wal-Mart: $500 Billion by 2010
Spend Less, Buy More
Teens and Jeans
Take It Easy
Dress Code
The Innerwear Powerhouse
At Home With the Range
Minimalist Opportunity
‘Net Profits
The ‘Wi’ Phenomenon
Getting Hitched

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