WWD Branding Leadership Forum: Mastering the Multi-Channel World
September 18, 2008
Condé Nast Theatre, New York

Consumers are in control as never before. They are deciding when, where and how to shop, and retailers and brands are being challenged to keep up with their demands. The WWD Branding Forum will look at the unique strengths and weaknesses of different distribution channels – from stores, to catalogs, to TV to Internet – and discuss how to create the right mix and leverage cross-shopping opportunities.  We will hear from innovators within each channel, who will share best practices and real-world experiences.

Topics will include:

     -Store + catalog + internet + TV
     -Creating, building and managing a multi-channel strategy
     -Understanding each channel’s unique strengths – and weaknesses
     -Finding the right mix
     -Leveraging cross-shopping opportunities
     -Customizing the strategy for different markets – luxury, to teen to discount  
     -Finding the right strategic partners – or going it alone
     -Permanent versus pop-up stores


    Attendee information: Jennifer Macaluso (212.630.4947)
    Editorial information:  Mary Ann Bacher (212.630.3692)
    Sponsorship opportunities: Joy Murphy (212.630.4655)

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