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Dear Reader,

It’s a new day at WWD, and the largest news-gathering force in our industry is running full steam ahead as the fall fashion shows move from New York on to Europe and Asia.

WWD is also forging ahead on the digital front. Our global network of reporters, editors and photographers now produces more than 100 exclusive news items per day on WWD.com and the Digital Daily, which is poised for a major enhancement.

We introduced the Digital Daily in April 2015 as a more efficient, modern delivery method for our growing number of readers — not only in the U.S. but worldwide. Our steady flow of news, insights and imagery has helped us push digital subscriptions past 60,000 readers daily — a record in the history of WWD — and we are confident we will gain many more in 2017.

To further that goal, and to provide even more insightful coverage, I am pleased to announce the arrival of a new, bespoke format for our Digital Daily, whose editor-curated issues contain the most important fashion, beauty and retail news, features and photos of the past 24 hours, delivered each business morning to your inbox.

This new technology platform provides a seamless desktop-to-mobile experience and improved readability so subscribers can access the most crucial news, business insights, trends — and the most fabulous parties — from anywhere in the world.

This enriched format will also afford us a greater scope to provide readers with even more of the exclusive, business-to-business content that has been WWD’s lifeblood for more than 110 years.

We will continue to produce print issues, more selectively — daily in tandem with key industry events, and seasonally following fashion weeks, diving deeper into the biggest moments of the industry calendar.

Since becoming editor in chief last month, I have begun to retool and energize our operation so it is better positioned to dig out more exclusive news and scoops, plus vital industry data and insights. Over the coming weeks and months, you will also discover a slate of recurring features, including CEO Talks, Digital Download, WWD Predicts and WWD Dirt, the latter of which is dedicated to the spectacular homes designers and industry titans build and flip.

WWD plans to continue investing in journalistic excellence to deliver more powerful and indispensable content. We recently fortified our Eye and financial desks, reflecting our commitment to the serious — and the fun — in our vibrant and fast-changing industry. And under the ownership of Penske Media Corp., we established bureaus in China and Silicon Valley. How could we ignore the world’s most populous nation, and the technologies that are transforming how we live and spend?

Of course, we would never. And we will continue to keep you, our dear reader, at the forefront of our efforts as we expand our international reach and ramp up our commitment to leading the industry conversation in fashion, beauty and retail.

Born and raised in Canada, and a news reporter my entire career, I joined WWD in the late Nineties, discovering the best school in the world for serious fashion journalism. I spent the last 16 years in Paris, documenting the incredible ascent of the European luxury sector, and the flattening of the world thanks to the Internet and social media revolutions.

I’m thrilled and honored to return to New York to lead this great media brand, and embrace digital and mobile media first. WWD is often called the bible of fashion. Get ready for version 2.0.

— Miles Socha, Editor in Chief

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