Want to know which celebrity is wearing what, where to shop for the latest cool shoes or where to see the hottest street fashion from cities around the world?

Blogs—Web pages containing personal journals that are generally updated daily—are today’s answer.

“The overarching theme of what people are really interested in is their individual style,” says Shahrzad Samadzadeh, a 24-year-old writer, blogger and hospital administrator who lives in Pittsburgh. “There are so many options out there that that’s what people really want to know.”

At Styletribe.jealousofyouth.com, Samadzadeh blogs about what she likes and loathes on the runway and on the street. She also shows photos of her own outfits and thrift-store finds.

What Samadzadeh believes to be big in Pittsburgh now are “massive amounts of stripes” and skinny jeans—both of which she considers overdone. In terms of her own style, Samadzadeh says she’s moving toward “glam” fashion, such as shiny pants, foppish suspenders and hats.

At the same time, but on the other side of the globe, in Singapore, 22-year-old “Xiaxue” (aka Wendy Cheng) woos readers to her blog, Xiaxue.blogspot.com, with the mundane and graphic tales of daily life, from riding the subway to fashion tips, such as where to buy the best underwear. Recently, she wrote that Victoria’s Secret is great for Asian physiques.

Xiaxue, who has been called the “Paris Hilton of the Blogosphere,” has been criticized for being shallow, catty and coarse, fiercely opinionated and totally bereft of modesty, but, nevertheless—or, possibly, as a result—her blog is among the most popular in Asia.

Over in South Korea, networking site Cyworld.com.cn includes a personal blog that has exploded over the past four years. As many as 90 percent of South Korean teens and people in their 20s are registering to use cyworld’s “virtual club,” where specific products are discussed, from Louis Vuitton handbags to IBM computers.

Generation Z is launching fashion blogs into cyberspace at a dizzying speed. And its virtual voice is not only resounding, but influential.

According to Technorati.com, here are 5 of the top 10 fashion blogs ranked by the number of sites linking to them at press time:

1. Gofugyourself.typepad.com (what celebrities are wearing)
7,393 links from 4,547 sites

2. Trent.blogspot.com (what celebrities are wearing)
5,002 links from 2,935 sites

3. Coolhunting.com (new products and trends
3,903 links from 1,795 sites

4. Shoeblogs.com (shoes)
2,216 links from 1,002 sites

5. Hypebeast.com (streetwear and sneakers)
1,773 links from 504 sites

This is an excerpt from an article that appears in WWDFast, a special publication of WWD available to subscribers.

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