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HEAVEN SENT: Hairdryers whirred backstage ahead of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show at the Grand Palais in Paris on Wednesday afternoon, where the brand’s Angels and other models were being prepped for their imminent catwalk appearance. Decked out in pink satin boxing robes — giving glimpses of racy, lacy silver-colored bras underneath — they were in the final stretch of what for most was a long preparation period to look their best on the catwalk.

“I did a lot of weight training and resistance training,” said Jasmine Tookes. “I like to do a lot of squats because it’s good for the bum – and there are cameras from every angle. So I really like to make sure that my butt looks good,” she added with a laugh.

The model said her favorite part of the “fantasy bra” she will sport with more than 9,000 precious gems – including diamonds set in 18-karat gold – are the emeralds.

“They’re one of my favorite gemstones,” she said. “They give a nice little hint of color, and I feel that it goes really well with my skin tone.”

Tookes said she and fellow model Sara Sampaio went to the Moulin Rouge for a cancan lesson. “We got to try on all the feathers, the big skirts, and the girls were teaching us all the little moves,” said Tookes.

Bella Hadid confessed a soft spot for the city’s Ferris wheel plunked in the Place de la Concorde. “Nobody will ride it with me,” she bemoaned. “Now it’s really cold, so I’m going to force people tonight to come with me, because I need to do it before I leave. I’ve gone on it a couple of times, but it’s really hard to find a partner. So I’m going to try and find one.”

To keep in shape, Hadid said she’s boxed a lot this year. “I really like to do a lot of butt, legs, abs [exercises],” she said. “I’m not really a runner that much, so I just like to keep it core and do a lot of muscle training and stuff like that.”

Healthy eating is also key. “I love eating a lot of protein – chicken, steak, a lot of veggies,” she said. “I loved sauteed spinach. I don’t deprive myself. So I still eat the things that I like to eat, but keep it in moderation.”

Alessandra Ambrosio began prepping for the show in September, working out with Tracy Anderson. “I’ve been doing a lot of cardio, dancing cardio with her, which is amazing,” she said. “And a lot of ankle weights for butt lifting and abs.”

But in Paris, some culinary indulgences were on the menu. “I love the cheese here in France. And it’s been really hard because I ate only one little piece of cheese,” Ambrosio lamented.

“I have just been really good on my eating, keeping my energy up and sleeping as much as I can,” confided Kendall Jenner. She said the run-up to the show has seemed “like a big school field trip. I feel like I was taken back to high school. It’s really enjoyable. I genuinely have a lot of really good friends here, so it makes it even more fun.”

Lily Aldridge has also enjoyed the experience, hanging out with pals. “It’s really bonding,” she said.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel keeps in shape year round by doing Ballet Beautiful and eating Sakara organic meals. “I’m just trying to chill today, relax and enjoy the moment,” she said. “It’s so iconic, this venue. To do the Victoria’s Secret fashion show here is just so exciting. It’s just a beautiful place to have a show.”

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