3x1 patches

Just in time for Coachella, 3x1 is offering cartoon-like patches to customize denim.

Courtesy photo

PATCHED UP: For style-conscious women, waiting three to six weeks for a custom pair of jeans made by 3×1 can seem like eons. So Scott Morrison, the New York-based denim brand’s founder, concocted a quick fix. Starting the first week of April, he’s selling sets of cartoonlike patches that can help a jean jacket stand out from the crowd.

Retailing for $30 at 3×1’s flagship in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, on its Web site and in some 20 retailers including Shopbop.com, the patches tease the elaborate tapestry motif that will adorn the jackets and jeans from the company’s forthcoming fall collection. It’s also a way to get into the groove for festival season, which kicks off April 15 with the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

“We wanted to do something a little more fun and a little more instant,” Morrison said at a rooftop restaurant in West Hollywood, Calif., where an early spring drizzle didn’t deter guests from picking their favorite patches on Tuesday afternoon.

Falling into tongue-in-cheek categories such as rock ‘n’ roll, Japanese anime and cute kitsch, the Made-in-USA patches take the form of heavy-metal satan fingers, a Harajuku girl jumping in the air, French fries and other bright, quirky graphics. There’s also an appliqué resembling a can of whoop ass. “That’s the tough girl patch, if you will,” he said.