Ratio et Motus' Disco bag with a pocket for the Juul.

Juul, the USB-shaped e-cigarette company currently valued at $15 billion, has become a ubiquitous accessory for the under-35 set. Like moths to a flame, consumers spend more than $1.29 billion on the product a year — publicly airing their oral fixations at restaurants and bars, on the subway and the sidewalk.

With the Juul’s following so devout, it was inevitable that Juul-related accessories would soon follow. Decorative cases and iPhone rigs have found some popularity. Now comes a luxury version.

Emerging handbag label Ratio et Motus has launched a $450 ‘Disco’ bag that holds an evening’s essentials, including a specially fitted backpocket in which to tote one’s Juul.

The New York-based brand, founded by Daniel Li and Angela Wang, decided to create the mini bag shortly after becoming Juul smokers themselves. “We both started smoking Juul six months ago,” said Li. “I was out with my friend one night at a club and realized she had three with her because she always has to have one and didn’t want to run out of battery. I realized then it would be a good idea to make a Juul holster.”

Ratio et Motus, which produces architecturally leaning classic bags that are made in Italy, designed the Disco bag as a unisex, crossbody style. The bag also includes a slot for one’s iPhone and credit card as well as a clasp to secure house keys.

Wang did concede though, “Juul is such an American-specific product, I think the bag will do well here but not elsewhere, Europeans don’t really get it.” She noted that the Juul pouch, while perfectly retrofitted for the device, can also be used by DJ’s to hold their USB music catalogue, or “two single cigarettes.”

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