A QUESTION OF LUXURY: This spring, London’s Victoria & Albert Museum will put luxury under the spotlight, with an exhibition called “What is Luxury?” in collaboration with the British Craft Council. The show, which opens April 25 and runs through to Sept. 27, will span 100 objects, with items running from a laser-cut couture dress by Iris van Herpen to a necklace by Nora Fok made from hand-knitted nylon bubbles. There are also more esoteric exhibits to represent luxury, such as “Time for Yourself,” a tool kit that includes items such as a watch with no dial and a compass that spins to random coordinates. The show will be co-curated by Leanne Wierzba and Jana Scholze, who have uncovered luxury items that run from the conventional to the surprising. Alongside an Hermès Talaris saddle and glassware by Philippe Malouin for Lobmeyr, there is a diamond made from roadkill and a vending machine stocked with DNA by U.S. artist Gabriel Barcia-Colombo. “As its title suggests, the exhibition questions the very idea of luxury today,” said Scholze. “It will challenge common interpretations of luxury, invite close examination of luxury production and extend ideas of what luxury can be.”

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