A VEGAS RETURN: Lucky Brand founders Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman are back at it in Vegas, this time with their latest brand, Civilianaire, which launched earlier this year with stores on Los Angeles’ Third Street and in Montecito and limited distribution in boutiques such as Ron Herman, E Street Denim and American Rag. The laid-back duo showed the line in a suite at the Wynn Tower, choosing to stay off the MAGIC floor. “This is the way we started Lucky 35 years ago,” said Montesano, adding, “not much has changed with us, but the shows have changed. Right now, you couldn’t put us at a trade show unless we had our own spot in the parking lot.” Perlman called the new line, for which they have adopted more of an immediate open-to-buy business model, a return to his roots. “I still love denim and fabrics. For me, these poplin cargo pants feel great, so do the lightweight twill shirts. It’s just back to good clean clothes that aren’t overtreated or overdone.” Most pieces for men and women wholesale in the $75 to $95 range (leathers go up to $500) and Perlman said retailers such as Ian’s in Seattle and Hall’s in Kansas City saw the line, but that they only reached out to about 30 key stores. “We’re not trying to get into a Barneys or Bergdorf’s yet; we’re just letting ourselves see where this goes. It’s been fun.”

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