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This particular fashion week has found many publicists trying their hand at bodyguarding, acting as shouting barricades between their clients and the press. As you can imagine, this presents an obstacle for journalists and a spectacle for anyone watching. But at Public School’s show Sunday morning, celebrities seemed to be unaccompanied by their protectors.

Was it the sleet? Who knows. In any case, celebs were free to roam around Milk Gallery as they pleased.

“I love what [Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne] stand for,” said A$AP Ferg, shades on and hoodie up, from the front row. “I love that they’re a bunch of New York kids. They started off at Sean John. They mix these Asian influences with all-American. It’s very innovative clothing.”

Ferg shared that he was actually wearing a “girl’s coat” — innovative, indeed. “It could be unisex if you wanted it to be,” he said. “You would never know.”

The rapper said he attended Alexander Wang’s show the night before, adding how “dope” it was that it took place in Harlem.

Trey Songz sat nearby, also hiding behind sunglasses and a hoodie. “I got on this nice fly outfit right here,” he said, showing off his embroidered joggers. “I wanna see more like this, especially in this weather right now. They sent me a whole bunch of nice stuff, so I got a little preview of what they have.”

A fan of cozy clothes, Songz said he likes how relaxed and versatile Public School’s designs are. “I love the way they mix the casual with the dressy and the sporty,” he said. “You can be in style for three different events. You can go to a party, you can go to a dinner, you can kick back. It’s comfortable as hell.”

And, as it seems, you can kick back at a fashion show — so long as your publicist approves.

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