ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM: Lingerie designer Araks Yeramyan was in the mood to keep things low-key on Wednesday night at a celebratory dinner for her latest look book at New York’s Alphabet City restaurant Edi and the Wolf, which fit her notably relaxed approach to the book itself. “I didn’t want it to be a typical structured photo shoot with all the hair, makeup, posing, retouching. I just gave my friends disposable cameras, they gave them back to me, and that was that,” Yeramyan said. Few if any of the photos actually depict a woman wearing the lingerie. Tracy Feith, for example, photographed two stuffed animals wearing Yeramyan’s designs. “Alexa [Chung] shot Harley [Viera-Newton]…and Michelle [Williams] shot a girl!” Yeramyan said. Williams’ photo shows a girl modeling pajamas whose face is obscured by Williams’ errant finger in the lens. The actress was at the party, but slipped away from the air-conditioned atrium and into the restaurant early into the cocktail hour.

“I like how people get abstract with it. I don’t tell them what to do. I just wanted something free,” Yeramyan added. Most of her contributors were at the dinner, including Tenzin Wild (who set a pair of underpants on fire) and Natalie Joos (who photographed herself). “I was freaked out,” said Shane Gabier, who also contributed, along with fellow Creatures of the Wind designer Chris Peters. “You forget how with disposable cameras you only have so many shots, and you really have no idea how it’ll work out, so you just have to sort of hope for the best.”

This story first appeared in the June 22, 2012 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

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