Adidas's Artemis Collection.

Adidas is doing its part to put a woman on the moon.

The sports brand today will help promote the Artemis program, a U.S. government-funded human spaceflight program, the goal of which is to land the first woman on the moon by 2024, by creating a limited-edition collection of footwear and apparel under the Artemis Collection label. It was created in partnership with ISS National Lab.

The line of space-themed product for men and women includes a running jacket, hoodie, sweatpants, hat and socks, as well as two running sneakers, the X9000 4D and Ultraboost 20.

Adidas Artemis Collection

Footwear is part of the mix in the Artemis Collection.  FLORIAN BISON

Adidas believes space is the ultimate testing ground for materials and products under extreme conditions and in confined spaces. Research in this area is then applied to the company’s Loop Creation Process for circular manufacturing and could potentially advance sustainable creation methods usable on Earth.

Last year, Adidas signed a multiyear partnership with the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratories to test its Boost technology in its sneakers in the antigravity conditions in hopes of improving the performance and comfort of its existing footwear models while garnering information to better create new products. The brand also sent its soccer balls on the NASA-contracted SpaceX CRS-18 cargo mission in 2019 in an attempt to better understand the characteristics of flight outside of an Earth-based wind tunnel.