LONDON — The Belgian fashion label AF Vandevorst will bring a sparkling example of that country’s creative flair to Hong Kong Business Design Week, which opens on Dec. 2.

The label’s designers An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx collaborated with Diarough/UNI-Design, an Antwerp-based diamond company, to create one very expensive pair of boots.

The collaboration marks Belgium’s involvement as partner country in the design week.

Arickx said that he and Vandevorst crafted the boots — which will be unveiled and sold on Dec. 4 at an evening event at the expo — with an intricate paisley pattern made from more than 54,000 tiny colored diamonds in cognac, brown, yellow and gray.

Their design is based on a shoe from AF Vandevorst’s fall 2012 collection, and boasts the label’s signature red cross, picked out in rare red diamonds.

“AF Vandevorst are known for boots and shoes, so we thought, ‘Why not present an exclusive pair of diamond boots?’” said Arickx. “Diamonds are very important to Belgium — 95 percent of the world’s diamonds pass through Antwerp for cutting and certification.”

The designer noted that while the boots may be valued at “a few million euros,” they are still functional.

“If you want to walk with millions on your foot, you can,” he said, noting that the boots will be traveling to the event in Hong Kong with a bodyguard, because of their value.

Arickx and Vandevorst will attend the event in Hong Kong, and after that will take their pop up shop concept, known as The Smallest Traveling Store in the World, to Joyce in Hong Kong’s Central district.

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