As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the fashion industry and its 1.8 million workers, Afterpay said this week that it is teaming with two organizations to help those in need. The “buy now, pay later,” solution provider said the goal is to help industry entrepreneurs and businesses as well as individuals “rebound from the virus impact.” Afterpay said it was partnering with ​A Common Thread​, a philanthropic effort involving Vogue and the CFDA, and ​Baby2Baby​, “which provides children living in poverty with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves,” Afterpay said in a statement.

Afterpay’s initiative allows shoppers who use Afterpay “to ‘top-up’ their purchases by adding a $1 donation” to ​A Common Thread​ and ​Baby2Baby,” the company said, adding that these two organization are the “top-up” program’s initial launch partners. Separately, Afterpay said it has also committed to “donating more than $200,000 to several COVID-19 related charities around the world, including ​A Common Thread​ and ​Baby2Baby.”

Afterpay said it choose these two organizations for the launch of its program because of “their strong contributions to helping our community recover from this challenging economic climate.” Afterpay said grants that are made by A Common Thread​ are being doled out to small and medium-size businesses “including designers, retailers, factories and other fashion companies.”

Meanwhile, Baby2Baby has distributed 15 million essential items over the past 10 weeks, “including diapers, formula, soap, shampoo, baby food and more to children and families across the country impacted by COVID-19.” The organization has distributed more 100 million items “over the last nine years to children in homeless shelters, domestic violence programs, foster care, hospitals and underserved schools.”

Leadership from both organizations praised Afterpay and shared their gratitude for helping them help others.