UPPING THE ANTE: Trade show organizer Agenda has evolved from the trade show floor with a new site geared to the action sports industry. It’s a bid to remain competitive in the ultracompetitive trade show industry. Agenda partnered with skateboarding site The Berrics on a new Web site called Agenda Emerge, which features videos and other content with the ambitious goal of becoming a major source of information geared to the industry’s target, youth demographic.

Los Angeles-based Agenda holds its namesake trade show for action sports brands in Long Beach, Calif., New York and Las Vegas. Most of the show organizer’s budget is now being redirected to the Emerge site. Agenda trade show founder Aaron Levant said his interactions with brands and hearing their stories over the years since launching Agenda in Long Beach roughly 12 years ago, is what led to the launch of Emerge.

“We wanted to find a way to transcend these brand stories beyond the mission statements and glossy look books and felt there wasn’t a cohesive platform showing how the brands actually came to be and the creative forces behind them,” Levant said. There’s potential to monetize the site, although it’s not a main focus for the platform at least in the short term, he said. “Our main goal is to create compelling content in order to bring the message of the Agenda brands and retailers to a larger audience,” he said. “We think there could be some monetization in the future through non-endemic, third-party brands….”

Those would include companies in the technology, automotive or beverage industries, Levant pointed out by way of example.