Agnès b. designed stamps for La Poste to benefit the French Red Cross.

AGNÈS B. POSTS: As part of her company’s ongoing humanitarian efforts, French designer agnès b. has designed a handful of French postage stamps to benefit the French Red Cross. Inspired by the organization’s signature emblem, she has created a booklet of five that will sell for $5.87 in post offices across France and in agnès b. boutiques there as well. In response, La Poste will donate to the French Red Cross $2.17 (based on current exchange rates) for each packet sold. The designer’s stamps, which carry such sayings as “The Red Cross was made from love and courage” and “Together with the Red Cross” are available through August in post offices and agnès b. boutiques across France.

Agnès b.’s involvement was not in response to the Red Cross’ involvement in the European migrant crisis, a company spokesman said Monday.

Deciding on “simple, airy, and pure forms that are a little bit like a child’s drawings,” the Paris-based designer said she “tried to find something, which is a metaphor of my love for the Red Cross, by inspiring me of the actions in which I had the privilege to be associated with….There is at first a heart, which I created during the siege of Sarajevo [in the early Nineties] and which was sold for the benefit of the displaced population. The Red Cross has done a lot for those people who remained locked into the city for three years. There are also arrows, which symbolize the influence of the Red Cross and illustrate its presence all around the world during wars, natural disasters and humanitarian crisis. Finally, there is an ambulance from where the red crosses rise, as heart clouds.…It could date from the Twenties, the Fifties, or from the future.

“A heart, some arrows, an ambulance… these are symbols which people understand very well. I truly believe in human intelligence and the heart. I wish that these stamps solicit both, because the commitment expressed through the expression ‘together with Red Cross’ also solicits intelligence and the heart,” she said.

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