Agnès B. and Auto Body's collaborative T-Shirt.

Agnès B. is handing over the gallery space in its SoHo store to a clash of New York City Millennials.

The company gave carte blanche to the Auto Body curatorial collective for a summer show, which opens today and runs through Aug. 25.

Auto Body, which is based between New York City and the beachy Long Island community of Bellport, N.Y., is comprised of eight artists, photographers and creative individuals. For their show at the Agnès B. Galerie, aptly named ‘Auto B.,’ the group has invited a handful of friends to exhibit work.

Artists Valerie Kamen, Hayley Martell, Marion Vallerin, Juan José Heredia, Kevin Evans, Nathaniel de Large, Dana Davis and Bushwick-based printery LQQK Studio have individually worked on components that will be exhibited as a collective whole. Each were assigned a letter that spells out Auto Body — encouraged to work with their own sense of scale, color scheme and preferred materials.

“Agnès B. is a longtime friend and inspiration to Auto Body, we got to know Agnes after she came on our talk radio show on 8 Ball Radio a few years ago,” the group said in a statement. “For this show we wanted to bring artist and friends work we admire into the programming by giving a letter each from our namesake in the collective spirit of the age-old drawing game, ‘cadavre exquis.’”

Agnès B. — seeing a resurgence among New York City’s creative set who appreciate the quiet luxury of its classic snap cardigans — has worked with Auto Body on a special T-shirt bearing their show’s name.

“The Agnès B. Galerie boutique is excited to work with Auto Body on this show for the summer exhibition at Howard Street. They played with the Agnès B. logo to create ‘Auto B.’, a perfect clash between the two,” the company said.

Auto Body will continue its tradition of organizing and exhibiting artist work in Bellport this summer, showing in an auto garage at 11 Station Road in Bellport Village. Their first opening of the season is scheduled for June 29.