FASHION EXPEDITION: Agnès b. is looking for like-minded partners to keep the Tara Oceans scientific expedition afloat. The Paris-based fashion house is sponsoring the 30-month expedition aboard the Tara, a 118-foot, 120-ton schooner that is collecting data about how climate change is affecting marine ecosystems from the Antarctic to the Atlantic where the ship set dock in Manhattan last week. Etienne Bourgois, chief operating officer of CMC agnes b. S.A.S. and son of founder Agnes Bourgois, said he wants to develop a line of branded Tara apparel.

“This could be a way to raise awareness for the project. We are trying to find partners in the fashion community who will bring attention to this project, partners who want to make a difference for a better world, and at the same time, make a line of Tara products,” said Bourgois at a cocktail reception Thursday at the French Consulate in New York. The Tara is the fifth ship to be named Tara by the Bourgois family, which was inspired by the motion picture “Gone with the Wind,” Agnes Bourgois told an audience at the consulate.

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