ALEXA CHUNG MUSES ON SECOND AG COLLECTION: Alexa Chung’s second collection for AG quickly gained steam after its debut last Thursday, when she celebrated with friends Harley Viera-Newton, Pixie Geldof, Alia Penner, Sarah Walker, Remi Nicole and Matte Babel at Ron Herman, followed by dinner at Petit Trois.

A denim jumpsuit in the 41-piece collection, which ranges from $98 to $1,258 retail, is already sold out in stores. “I think the creative process for this collection took longer, because I had to think of ways to advance the collection,” said Chung. “The first one, I knew very specifically the pieces I wanted, but this was more about designing for others, not just myself.”

The DJ and television host said she’s not big on inspiration boards or Pinterest, but relies on film clips and Instagram for design inspiration. “A lot of the images I was looking at were of male gangs in films like ‘Badlands’ so I had this vibe of teenage unrest and juvenile delinquents,” she said. “Now that the Internet has made things too homogenized I was harkening back to an era when gangs and subcultures could really incubate. What would happen if a gang of friends was all dressing alike?”

They would, apparently, wear slim-fitting vests and flared-leg trousers like the ones Chung was sporting, or black suede A-line minis and lace-up shorts. Chung said she’ll be sporting some of her pieces on her Spanish holiday next month.

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