Alexa Chung

CLASSIC KICKS: Plant-based restaurant The Butcher’s Daughter dubs itself the “vegetable slaughterhouse,” and last night Superga and Alexa Chung closed down the joint for a private party to toast the launch of their capsule collection together.

The shoe brand asked Chung to design an exclusive capsule, which makes tweaks to some of Superga’s classics for spring, including the addition of a toe cap on some styles and an increased height on the high top. Fabrications include satin and terry towel in colors such as burgundy, sky blue, green and off-white.

“We approached this very much as a passion project, an homage to Superga and their classic sneaker,” Chung said. “It’s the shape that I love, so rather than amend the last and make the sole crazy or do anything wild, we just did really subtle additions that I think make it look really luxe-y.”

It was also important that the shoes coexist with Chung’s namesake label, she added.

“It came about because they asked me to collaborate but it had to sit within our own brand and our online shop. So knowing the timing of when it would come out, we made an effort to make it. Also, sneakers are something we don’t make so we were excited about that because we had been using them in lookbooks so it was nice to amend it slightly to tones that we needed. There’s only so many shades of white you can have so this is kind of a creamy vanilla color,” Chung said as she looked down at the off-white pair of high tops she was sporting for the event, which she paired with the dark denim apron dress from her own line.

The evening brought out a decidedly arty, mostly musically inclined, crowd to the restaurant on Abbot Kinney in Venice and included Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis, Natalie Joos, The Like drummer Tennessee Thomas, Io Echo singer Ioanna Gika, musician Chris Clark, model Daniela Botero, blogger Emily Men and DJs Ana Calderon and Myles Hendrik.

Chung now serves as the face of Superga’s spring campaign, continuing a relationship with the company that began in 2011 when she was tapped to be ambassador.

As for what’s next, Chung said she now turns her attention back to her namesake label.

“The next collection,” she said of what she’s focused on. “So [this is] a business that I hope has longevity and everything from now on — this [Superga capsule] being the first collaboration we’ve done with my brand as opposed to me as a person — everything goes back to the house now. We make four collections a year, so as soon as we launch one we’re already working with the next one.”

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