Alexander Wang’s connection with music is felt in his clothing and shows — he’s known for his infamous NYFW after parties that feel more like concerts. “Music and musicians play a big role in influencing my sensibility,” Wang said. “I’ve always felt that different types of music can transform how you interpret or understand a fashion show, or a film; music is another medium to convey a message.”

So it came as no surprise that Apple Beats and Alexander Wang teamed up again to redesign the studio wireless headphones, Beats’ most iconic over-the-head style that includes Bluetooth, rechargeable 12-hour batteries, a noise-canceling feature and a built-in microphone. “It’s been about two years since our last collaboration, so it just felt right for both parties to team up again. Beats is an innovator. They are unafraid to push boundaries. Just like us, they take risks, have a passion for music, and I couldn’t think of a better partner to collaborate with on this type of project,” Wang said.

On working with technology vs. fashion, Wang added, “Obviously designing a technological product requires working within a different set of parameters, but generally, my approach to design always remains the same, no matter what the object is.”

This time around, Wang took a different route from his last headphones — which were all black with bronze accents — by incorporating a soft pavilion gray with embossed crocodile ear cups and silver chrome. “Typically, headphone design isn’t really known for its textural or graphic elements, so I feel that’s what we brought to this project,” Wang said. “Ultimately, no matter what we design, the end game is to create something that is functional, desirable, beautiful and has a sense of integrity.”

The headphones will be available for $599.99 on, at Neiman Marcus and Alexander Wang’s SoHo store. In case you’re looking for tunes to bump in your new Beats headphones, Wang has a curated playlist on Apple Music consisting of his favorite artists and tracks.