Alexi Lubomirski

ALEXI SAYS THANKS — A LOT: Droves of people know Alexi Lubomirski as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding photographer, but as of late more are learning about the lensman’s numerous socially conscious pursuits.

On May 7, Lubomirski will launch a new children’s book, “Thank You For My Dreams,” which is meant to teach children about gratitude, with all proceeds benefiting the charity Concern Worldwide. Consciously saying thank you was something he started in his twenties. “I became aware that whenever I felt down, sad, or angry about something (especially angry), I could feel the anger manifesting in my chest and stomach. So I mentally said a prayer of thanks in an attempt to change my demeanor, and after a minute of concentrating on something I was grateful for, I very quickly noticed the physical changes in my body. Even though the initial problem still remained, I felt calmer and better equipped to deal with it,” he said.

Fifteen years later, the married father of two young sons is still at it and has taught his children the exercise. He wrote in the book’s introduction, “I mentally say (pray) ‘thank you’ for the things in my life, such as my health, my family, love, a home, a job, and everything else that I take for granted, like legs that work, eyes that see, and ears that hear. It has become as important as meditation, exercise, or a cup of green tea. I simply feel better after doing it.”

The photographer, who has been vegan for the past six years, is also teaming with Movado to create a vegan watch strap, as part of its Artist Series. Movado approached him after seeing his outspokenness about veganism. From his point of view, the four “doorways” into veganism are the animals, health, the environment and spiritual evolution. Regardless of the doorway of choice, you will reap and sow all the benefits, he said.

In between various assignments and shoots, Lubomirski is photographing and interviewing an assortment of high-profile “vegans and veggies” for his “For Love Of” book. This project is meant to motivate others to adopt a plant-based diet for the sake of our bodies, the planet and fellow living creatures. Actors, performers, sports stars, politicians and public figures will be featured in the book. “I am a fashion and portrait photographer, so I know all too well how an image can inspire people to ‘buy’ into something,” he said. “My hope is that, after seeing these images, many young minds will be opened to the idea of a plant-based diet and the benefits that it brings to not just one’s self, but our world as a whole.”


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