Paola Alberdi

Amazon has officially dropped.

The web giant is playing with streetwear’s favorite distribution model with its new model — The Drop — and is starting off with looks from fashion influencer Paola Alberdi. The limited-edition collection will be available through Amazon for 30 hours starting at noon on Wednesday.

Once the orders are in, Amazon will produce the goods and deliver them to shoppers, eliminating excess inventory.

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The effort is in many ways, classic Amazon. It lets the e-commerce giant test out a new model with a techie spin. It’s also very efficient, further links the brand with influencers and, by virtue of its made-on-demand approach, is something of a bid for sustainability.

Alberdi, who has 1 million followers on Instagram, said: “I have worked hard for many years to create a brand that is true to myself and did the same with this collection. Fashion can be so expensive but my belief is that it should not have to be expensive to feel beautiful. The primary goal of my collection is simply to help women feel good about themselves.”

In addition to the limited-edition collections from influencers, The Drop features staple items that will help complete the look.

Future drops from Amazon will be released on an unrevealed timetable and feature looks from influencers such as Emi Suzuki, Sierra Furtado, Leonie Hanne and Patricia Bright.

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