Miranda July her interfaith charity shop Selfridges

TAKING A STANCE: Selfridges is continuing its mission of enriching shoppers’ in-store experiences. This time, the U.K. department store has teamed with the artist, writer and filmmaker Miranda July and the London-based arts organization Art Angel to create the U.K.’s first interfaith charity shop.

The shop, located on the third floor of the department store, will be run by four religious charities chosen by Miranda July: Islamic Relief, Jewish charity Norwood, London Buddhist Centre and Spitalfields Crypt Trust. It will offer a mix of products, just like other charity shops across the country, including secondhand clothing, ornaments, toys and kitchenware.

“For many years I’ve wanted to make a store as artwork; utilizing the inherently participatory conventions of commerce,” said Miranda July, who is known to create a range of artworks that depend on public participation. “When I first came to London, in my 20s, I was giddily amazed by the sheer number of charity shops, but it’s only in creating this store with Artangel that I understand what a radically unique economic model they are. The nuances of this come from my faith-based charity shop partners and from the site, Selfridges.”

The proceeds will be shared equally between the four participating charities and each will be donating 2.5 percent of its share to another charity of its choice.

“Artists continually lead Art Angel into uncharted territory so we are delighted to be collaborating with Miranda July in joining forces with four faith-based charities on the third floor of Selfridges. Our shop within a shop, like London itself, is proudly open to the world,” added Michael Morris and James Lingwood, codirectors at Art Angel.

The shop will be remain open at Selfridges until Oct. 22.