TREE TIME: The San Francisco ecofriendly label Amour Vert has found a friend in the ever-healhthy Gwyneth Paltrow. The brand’s first capsule collection is now being sold on her healthy living e-commerce site Goop. With retail prices ranging from $85 to $218, the Amour Vert for goop offerigs consist of four T-shirts and tops in soft and durable organic fabrics, as well as silks that are dyed and printed using low impact dyes. Amour Vert founders Christoph Frehsee and Linda Balti got the nod from Goop after they sent the Academy award winning actress one of their T-shirts.

The husband and wife team met in a very nonfashion way – a defense trade conference in Abu Dhabi. Frehsee created a landmine clearing machine company (which he sold in 2008) and his wife Linda Balti used to be a jet fighter simulation trainer. For every item they sell via Goop, they plan to have a tree planted through the American Forests.

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