La Force and Henderson's annual industry bash was cancelled.

THE END OF THE PARTY: Publicist James La Force and husband writer Stephen Henderson have decided to forgo their annual holiday party known for it’s somewhat raucous atmosphere, due to the outcome of the presidential election.

In an interesting approach to this years’ election drama, the couple went ahead and printed their invitation pre-Trump victory with an illustration of Hillary in a Santa suit waving a flag with the caption “Make America Merry Again”.  Alas when she did not win the duo, who wrote “So confident we were of her victory, we designed and printed the attached invitation before Nov. 8th”, were presumably in that “liberal bubble” the likes of Michael Moore have been pontificating about post-election. Invitees who have in the past has included Peter Som and Michael Bastian  received these original invites along with an explanation of their reasons for canceling the holiday fete and their intentions to donate the party budget to Planned Parenthood, Housing Works, an organization close to Henderson’s heart and The Stonewall Foundation. Lest too much disappointment be garnered over an invitation to a fashionable haunt with a fashionable crowd , the pair offered that more parties were on the way, just “not in 2016.”

La Force and Henderson's annual industry bash was cancelled.

La Force and Henderson’s annual industry bash was cancelled. 


James La Force Party

The couple still sent out the invitation, as above, with an additional card about the cancellation and announcement of a donation to charity instead.