Stick foundation from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is partnering with makeup artist Mali Thomas, better known as Mali Magic, for social-media video content related to its new stick foundations. Thomas, who has worked on Bravo, BET and VH1 programs, will help showcase the capabilities of the foundations available in 28 shades at $25 each on women with a multiplicity of skin tones. “Her aesthetic and expertise ties in beautifully with the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand,” said president Claudia Soare, adding, “She is an amazing artist for women of color and a great ambassador for the brand.”

Beauty brands have frequently been criticized for not offering enough foundation shades for women of color. Responding to that criticism, there have been efforts to add shade extensions and introduce collections with wider shade varieties. In developing its stick foundations, Anastasia Beverly Hills was highly conscious of refining options that match deep complexions. Bringing on board Thomas, an outspoken advocate for diversity in the beauty industry, underscores the brand’s commitment to reaching out to a broad base of customers. In an Instagram post earlier this year, she wrote, “To carry the title of makeup artist, we should be able to serve all clients. It’s imperative that we break the cycle of top brands only hiring specialty artists who only know how to do fair skin.” Maybe the cycle is beginning to break.