Anjelica Huston is the latest celebrity to link with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to cast away her old fur coats.

The Oscar winner approached PETA about the prospect in December and paid a visit to PETA’s offices Tuesday to donate her old furs — some of which will be cut to be used for bedding for orphaned wildlife, while other furs will be used for the homeless. Her contributions included a lynx-fur jacket, a muskrat fur-trimmed coat and a black rabbit-fur hat. Some coats will be sent from Beverly Hills to Scott Place Shelter in West Virginia to help keep the homeless warm. Others will be sent to orphaned wildlife.

Huston told PETA officials that the items were given to her decades ago, when she “had no idea how animals suffered in the fur trade,” according to PETA press material. “They’ve been sitting in storage for over 20 years. By donating them to PETA, I’ll be giving them a new purpose by providing orphaned wildlife with bedding and helping the homeless keep warm.”