Anna Dello Russo at her "AdR Book: Beyond Fashion" book-signing event in Milan.

AdR IS BEYOND: Milan is the city where Anna Dello Russo’s fashion career took off back in the Eighties–and the city continues to be fascinated by the Vogue Japan fashion director and digital influencer, who on Friday evening celebrated her “AdR Book: Beyond Fashion” tome with a book-signing event. A sea of around 400 people – including family, friends, fashion students, fans and passersby – gathered outside the Coin department store waiting to have their copies signed and to take a selfie with Dello Russo.

Sporting a sparkly mini frock covered in sequins from young designer Giuseppe di Morabito, Dello Russo contended the event “is not a book-signing, it’s more like a sensorial experience. It’s amazing. You need to entertain people, make them have fun, talk funnily yet seriously, like in my book. We need more lightness, we need to relieve from burdens and open up to people, they are the future,” she said pointing to the number of young fashion enthusiasts surrounding her.

Anna Dello Russo with her fans at the "AdR Book: Beyond Fashion" book-signing event in Milan.

Anna Dello Russo with her fans at the “AdR Book: Beyond Fashion” book-signing event in Milan.  ALESSANDRO GAROFALO

The venue was filled with Dello Russo-shaped balloons, South Italian traditional festive lights and even a life-size doll accurately mimicking the editor’s appearance – cherry fascinator included. Leave it to Dello Russo to ask the DJ for the latest summer hits and pump up the volume of the soirée, where traditional ‘orecchiette’ pasta from Apulia, where she was born, was served. Talking about music, Dello Russo joked, “I might have a go at music.”

The tome, which is a compilation of 10 mini books, took her three years to put together. Photos of the clothes she auctioned off earlier this year are featured, as well as a pop-up children’s-style book and one done in the style of a magazine. Last week, Dello Russo was in New York to meet with her fans at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Anna Dello Russo at the launch event of her collection with Atelier Swarovski.

Anna Dello Russo at the launch event of her collection with Atelier Swarovski.  Courtesy Photo.

Earlier this week she attended another event, this time to present her latest design collaboration with Atelier Swarovski. The range includes 22 pieces including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and a tiara featuring red and yellow crystals. Held at the label’s flagship in the central thoroughfare Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, the event marked the first chance to buy items of the capsule, which will be exclusively available at the brand’s flagships in Milan and Rome.

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