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FENDI’S FORAY: Anna Fendi has launched tabletop — and wine — collections in London.

After the revamp of Villa Laetitia, a boutique hotel based in Rome, the Italian designer said she was inspired to create a “refined tableware” range, taking a cue from her Italian heritage and history.

“Whenever I put together a collection, I’m full of emotion,” said Fendi. “I don’t sleep, and I call my team all the time, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night. Creativity can’t be stopped. After I finished the restoration of Villa Laetitia, I decided to fully focus my work and effort on creating an elegant tabletop collection.”

Fendi added that she wanted to create “something special for family, for the place where they sit when making some of the most important decisions. I selected Murano glass because I wanted to use a precious Italian material; something that combines transparency and apparent fragility with great solidity. Following my Murano glass pieces, I am delighted to launch porcelain collections featuring precious metal embellishment.”

The Anna Fendi tabletop collection consists of bowls, dinner plates, servers, glasses and vases. Monochrome black-and-white glass plates are part of a collection titled Incalmo, while Labyrinth is an Italian porcelain line that features a mazelike graphic.

There are Murano-made champagne flutes, goblets and wine glasses in hues of amber, coffee, green apple, honey and smoke. The range also features Fendi’s Labyrinth design, a geometric graphic that’s etched on champagne, whiskey and wine glasses.

Fendi looked to Shakespeare’s characters for other glassware pieces such as Romeo and Juliet — a pair of vases — and Othello, Desdemona and Iago for sculptural vases. Alongside the collection are handmade Murano mirrors and trays, with each featuring a unique design.

The Italian designer said she believes “wine and fashion share the same matrix: Taste, method, elegance and passion.” To wit, she created AVF, a collection of wines that pay homage to Italy. While traveling with her husband, she sourced a bespoke selection of wines from an Italian vineyard and wanted to “introduce them in a fun, unique way,” using her design heritage.

The Anna Fendi wine collection features a selection of reds and whites that vary in taste. She gave them fashion-inspired names such as neglige, voile, cat’s walk, twill and velvet.

There are eight reds, including a full-bodied Amarone, a Barolo and a Chianti Classico alongside smoother and lighter ones such as a Primitivo and a Valpolicella. Meanwhile, the line offers nine white wines such as Pinot, Gewürztraminer and Italian ones such as Falanghina. The lineup includes a bottle of rose, Cerasuolo and three sparkling ones: Trento, Alta Langa and Prosecco.

She has also created two spirits called Aqua Vitae and Grappa.

“The best experience for me was to experience a grape harvest,” said Fendi. “Developing my Anna Fendi vino collection has been a fantastic experience that has allowed me to understand how many similarities fashion and wine share. I have always felt a very strong link with nature and I understand that humans can create ‘excellent’ to a certain point, but the single touch which can make a wine excellent comes only from nature.”

She said the majority of the wines are of a single grape variety, meaning they are “very light and pleasant. My favorite one is our Gavi, which I named voile for its fruity, floral smell and its brightness, yet pure color. If I am looking for something sparkling, I drink our Prosecco, Lame.”

Fendi has also designed a limited-edition range of wine cases in leather with single and multibottle formats, some accented with crocodile leather.

The tabletop and wine ranges will be sold on and the wines are available for purchase at Hedonism wines in London. The prices for the tabletop line are available upon request. The wine collection ranges from 18 pounds, or $21 for a bottle, to 150 pounds, or $181 for a case.