GLAM GLASSES: Elton John is known for his signature spectacles, so it’s no surprise that he had a bespoke collection created for his new show “The Million Dollar Piano,” which opened at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas last month. John tapped London-based designer Anna Laub, who launched her Prism line of glasses in 2009, to do the honors. The musician had already bought a number of Laub’s frames, which are known for their chic, minimal aesthetic, when he asked her to create the custom designs for his show.


“Richard James was making [John’s] suits and his long-time friend Jo Levin is his stylist, so I worked with them and came up with some ideas to coordinate with what they were thinking,” said Laub. “I think we managed to strike a good balance of Elton meets Prism.”


The resulting designs feature graphic, angular frames and tinted lenses, and are studded with delicate rows of crystals in shades of green, orange and white, with some crystals spelling out John’s name. Laub plans to offer a small number of frames similar to John’s as part of a new limited edition collection of products that she will launch on Prism’s Web site,, in the coming weeks.

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