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LONDON — Actor and film producer Antonio Banderas, who is also studying fashion design at Central Saint Martins in London, on Wednesday presented his first collection in collaboration with Selected, a Scandinavian high-street label.

The Spanish star and Selected head designer Daniel Struzinski presented the fall collection during an event at the Rosewood London hotel. This is the first of two collections Banderas plans to create.

According to Banderas, the range is divided into three stages that reflect his life: heritage, indigo and identity. “In a way they are me and my way of life,” said the actor, who was wearing the biker jacket and ripped jeans from the collection. He was clearly excited about the presentation, humbled by his new project, and even took a little bow at the end.

“In the morning, I wear jeans, something comfortable, sneakers, a T-shirt and maybe a leather jacket, and I go out. If I have meetings, I want to go a little bit more elegant so I wear chinos, a blazer to have a meeting with the producer, or a cocktail. At night I have to go on the red carpet, so I’d like to use a tuxedo obviously or a black suit,” he said.

Struzinski said he wanted the range to “catch Antonio in his element” and designed it as a lifestyle collection for the “everyday man.”

The Antonio Banderas Design by Selected Homme is a 30-piece range that includes black motorcycle jackets, a leather bomber jacket, overcoats, wool-blend blazers, trousers, chinos, jeans, shirts, cashmere knit cardigans and a vest. Prices range from 18 pounds, or $26, for a T-shirt to 330 pounds, or $485, for a black biker jacket. The collection will be available on and at retailers in August.

Banderas incorporated his signature shade of ocean blue — inspired by his native Spain — into the linings of outerwear and jackets. Unsatisfied with the collars of traditional polo shirts, he reworked the style, creating a collarless shirt and said it’s one of the pieces he loves the most. For prints, Banderas took a cue from his surname and created a small flag. He said he wanted a “simple logo that wasn’t flamboyant.” Inspired by Versace, the actor worked gold metal embellishments into his biker jacket.

“Probably one of the happiest times of my life was the Eighties, and I remember Versace putting gold with leather,” Banderas said. “I had this in mind, so we wanted to add the gold color, it’s those little details. I love motorcycles, I ride motorcycles, so we wanted to have a jacket that I can use and people with bikes can use for that purpose.”

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Banderas said he didn’t have the skill set to create a line at first and didn’t want a brand to just use his name for the sake of it. “I wanted to do it from an honest point of view,” said the actor, who has been living in Surrey, outside London, where he’s purchased a home.

“The best thing that you can do is to stay humble first and study. I’m 55 years old. So to step in to a university like this you have to convince the professors that you are serious with what you want to do. I don’t know how I did it, but they got convinced. So I’ve been attending university in a very special way. I can’t go like every other person, and just go for the three years of studies. I have to extend that to probably four or five years because I have to attend to my professional turf. I just finished a movie in Italy, I’m going to do another movie in Chile, so I continue to move in my professional world. But I want to explore this universe, so what we do is capsules of very intensive work for four or five weeks that we insert when I have free time.”

He said working with the Selected design team has been a “constant learning process.”

In August, he took a short course in bespoke tailoring at Central Saint Martins and he admitted it was a struggle to get accepted. There, he worked alongside the British designer Daniel Fletcher.

“He is a lovely guy, and we got along really well. He worked really hard as well,” Fletcher told WWD earlier this year. “He did everything, so it’s not like he came along and expected people to do things for him. I’d go and ask if he needed help, and he was like “No, no!” He did everything himself,” said Fletcher, adding that CSM had asked him to come back to work alongside Banderas and give him some guidance.

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The collection marks Banderas’ foray into fashion. He has collaborated with Puig for 19 years on his Blue Seduction fragrance.

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